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Jay believes we must responsibly fund education first to provide the schools the resources they need to ensure the focus is on student success.

Student success is achieved by setting high standards and holding educators accountable.  The achievement gap needs to closed so every child has an equal chance, regardless of where they live.  Jay actively supports engaging parents, teachers, and administrators and providing local school boards the necessary funding that will help ensure every student has access to a quality education vital to our future.


Jay understands every dollar the state spends comes from a hardworking taxpayer and believes the state budget should be based on existing revenues.  Now is not the time to raise taxes on struggling families and employers.  Instead, a reformed, smarter, more efficient state government that lives within its means is Jay’s focus.

By utilizing long term solutions and rolling back state spending to sustainable levels, Jay believes we can eliminate the standard yearly Olympia budget Band-Aid approach that wastes taxpayer money and doesn’t solve problems.    

Jay continues to insist government agencies should account for every dollar spent and be responsible for mistakes, the same as workers in the private sector.


Protecting existing jobs and creating a business atmosphere that creates new living wage jobs is a top priority for Jay.  Optimism and certainty in state funding and regulations is needed for employers to hire and invest in business growth.  Jay works to streamline permitting, licensing, inspections, and reform the tax structure for businesses.  Jay believes government should encourage responsible growth, not hinder.


Jay’s top priority is keeping our communities safe; that families should come before criminals.  A safe neighborhood is essential to our society’s future.  Jay supports recent legislation that provides more tools for police to identify gangs, lengthen the statue of limitations for prosecuting auto theft, creates a juvenile gang court and allows judges to deny bails to violent suspects facing their third felony.  Jay has worked to make our state the national leader for laws that combat human trafficking.  Jay fights for laws that provide police and courts better tools to ensure public safety and prevent future crimes, not waiting for tragedies to occur.


Jay’s priority is to keep Washington on the move; investing in transportation helps create and retain jobs, stimulates the economy and improves our quality of life.  It is vital to keep up with our growing transportation needs.

Jay insists on holding state agencies accountable for every tax dollar spent so transportation improvements can be made without massive gas tax hikes or other fee increases.  WSDOT should be required to report engineering errors.  Inefficient permitting, excessive environmental rules, the sales tax the state charges itself on state projects, all result in unnecessary costs that make our transportation projects more expensive.