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This Election is About the Income Tax
This Election is About the Income Tax

What Happens In Olympia Is Determined Now

This election is all about whether Olympia will impose a state income tax on the hard working people of Washington State. A bill imposing a state income tax has already been drafted by Democrats in Olympia and they are prepared to file it after the November elections depending on the outcome. If my opponent and other democrats are elected to office, you will see the Washington Legislature pass an income tax. This is not the answer to solving our state’s fiscal problems. Olympia must live within its means and rein in spending. Now more than ever, we need fiscal responsibility from Olympia, not more reckless spending and ever increasing taxes or a state income tax that will hurt families across Washington state. 

The people of Washington have made it abundantly clear that they do not want a state income tax. I am adamantly opposed to a state income tax or any tax increases. As your representative, I will demand fiscal responsibility from state government and I will work hard to defeat any tax increases or the Democrats’ call for a state income tax. Elections do indeed have consequences–please join with me in this effort.

With less than a month ago, we still need your help! We’re busy knocking doors and still fund raising. Click here if you’re willing to further support my campaign.


  • by Laurence Lance Posted October 14, 2016 9:11 am

    On a call in radio show I once asked the state tax assessor “What is the maximum tax burden a citizen should be forced to carry? In other words, considering city, state, county and federal taxation, what percentage of income should be taxed? Is it 10%? 20%? 50% 80%?”

    The answer was telling. He said “I’ve never thought of it.”

    Now I know of no business who doesn’t look at the price point of their product and ask themselves “Will this sell at this price?”

    So, either the assessor was either completely ignorant of that basic concept, or he wasn’t being honest with his listeners.

    Washington State residents are not under taxed. Our government overspends!

    It’s not only time to demand government at all levels to live within it’s means, it’s time to demand a tax reduction.

  • by CAROLYN EASTER Posted October 24, 2016 11:29 am


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